Treasure Tresses by Tasha

Welcome to Treasure Tresses by Tasha! I'm Tasha Morris, and my journey in the beauty industry has been a lifelong passion that started back when I was just a child. From grade 4, I found joy in styling and caring for hair, starting with my own experiments and eventually extending to family and friends.

My fascination with hair led me to college, where I honed my skills in braiding and hairstyling. Even amidst the challenges of balancing college life, I always found solace and creativity in hair artistry. Post-college, I delved deeper into the industry, working in an Asian Beauty Supply store in a diverse neighborhood. This experience taught me not just about hair products but also about inclusivity and the importance of creating welcoming spaces for everyone.

While my journey took unexpected turns, including becoming a mother to three wonderful toddlers and facing the loss of their father, my passion for beauty never wavered. I pursued nail tech licensing and continued braiding, constantly seeking to expand my knowledge and expertise.

I've invested in professional certifications, including a braiding certification from Taliah Wajiid and an FIT Beauty Industry Essentials Certification from Yellowbrick Beauty. Additionally, I am a Certified Cranial Prostheses Specialist, specializing in wig medical services.

At Treasure Tresses by Tasha, my mission goes beyond just hair; it's about empowering individuals to feel confident and beautiful. I believe that being "put together" isn't just about appearances but about the inner strength and confidence it brings. Join me on this journey of beauty, empowerment, and self-expression at Treasure Tresses by Tasha! As a convenient and reliable online retailer, Treasure Tresses by Tasha is your ultimate go to place for ALL things hair and lash extensions. Since 2000 Treasure Tresses has been providing customers with a fantastic customer experience offering protective styling solutions for natural hair with top of the line products at unbeatable prices. 


Founder Statement

As I transition into offering the best priced quality products I want to make for certain your buying experience is superb. We've got full stock of premium hair and lash extensions at your disposal. Visit us online at www.treasuretressesbytasha.com and browse our wide array of hair and lash extensions, products and accessories. We welcome your visit.