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No, this isn't your typical hair blog post. I'm not that girl. Who I am is Tasha Morris. For as long as I recall my hair is my mood. If it's unkept, I'm unbothered. Let me get it done though and I'm walking around like a peacock trying to get seen. I have always been a little corny, a whole lot nerdy and always passionate about the things I like. Hair is one of them. Now let me tell you a little bit about me.
I'm a mom to three adult children. My oldest is disabled and for most of their childhood I stayed home, supporting them and their activities. Rejoined the workforce but never a traditional job. I'm a hustler, always have been. Before the kids I would keep two or three jobs. One of them was at a beauty supply store in the neighborhood for a very nice Korean family. We had the largest variety of hair in the city. I learned a lot from them. I also procured customers because of my knowledge of the product and my braiding ability. I learned to braid after getting my hair done from a college friend. When it was time to redo it I went to the supply store and purchased the hair and was just able to do it. Well, I may add. So when I left school and went home when I wasn't working I would braid people's hair at their place. I eventually added sew in skills when a well known stylist came to me to do her braid down then proceeded to walk me through sewing a few of her tracks in. From there it was on and popping. I would work 4 ten hour days at the beauty supply then part time hours at the mall and on my off days was braiding hair. So much hair for so many years I would dream of scalp at night. LOL I stopped braiding regularly after I started my family.
I started cosmetology school at world famous Pivot Point Academy Chicago but with three little ones, with the oldest being special needs I did not complete the program. However while in school I attended Taliah Waajid Seminar learning 17 different styling techniques. Although my professional aspirations were cut short and I took a what seemed to be an indefinite break from doing what I loved, I have found a way to get back into the industry that I am passionate about. Hair. How to style it, grow it, nurture it. Making it look good however you dress it. Looking forward to sharing with and learning from y'all. One.
Tasha Morris

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