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As we begin 2024 and plan to make goals, make sure you include your hair goals. Hair goals, you ask. Yes, hair goals. We need to normalize home maintenance and routine haircare between salon visits as much as we emphasize birthday, wedding and vacation hair. I know, it’s easy to just throw in a ponytail or sloppy bun (I know I do) or a wash and go. But did you know the state of your hair can be an indicator of your physical and sometimes mental health? Some conditions show up in your strands or lack thereof. For instance, pregnancy and other medical conditions can cause some women to lose hair. Depression may cause you to neglect your hair altogether and it can become matted. So, take the time and do an inventory of your hair and scalp. Figure out if your hair is healthy check out this article How to Tell if Your Hair is Healthy | 4 Ways You Can Check to See if Your Hair is Healthy. If it is, make a schedule to maintain it. If it isn’t, follow the suggested methods in the article on your own or (ideally) seek professional hair care with stylist achieve healthy hair.
Setting hair goals can be as simple as not using heat as much. Styling 3 to 4 days of the week. Deep conditioning once every 21 days. Regular hair trimming. Or commit to sleeping with a satin pillowcase and/or satin bonnet or scarf. My personal hair goals are to grow it out and avoid heat as much as possible.
It really is up to you but if you’re like me convenience and ease are most important. If you don’t already, look into low maintenance protective styling options! Done properly and with some at home maintenance between touch-ups depending on the style it could last 4 to 8 weeks.
Whatever your hair goals for 2024 include the time and budget because you deserve to display the best version of you! And whatever that looks like for you, don’t forget to treasure your tresses.

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